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Mod Filter Resources 1.0.1

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[H2=Mod+Filter+Resources+-+Add-on+for+Xenforo+2]Mod Filter Resources - Add-on for Xenforo 2[/H2]
With this add-on, resources can be filtered and sorted by resource_status visible, moderated or deleted.

After setting the user permissions as well as the permissions for view moderated and/or view deleted, the resources can be filtered and sorted accordingly in all or in selected categories.

So, you can easily use the inline-tools in the front-end to delete or restore resources or to unlock moderated resources with a few clicks.

Very helpful, when using the RM as database for any items and mods soft delete and admin hard delete input from users.

[H2=Features+of+Mod+Filter+Resource]Features of Mod Filter Resource[/H2]
  • Filter resources by resource status visible, moderated, deleted
  • Set permissions for moderated and/or deleted
  • Set permissions for all or specific categories

Mittels vergebener Userrechte können Ressourcen jetzt nach ihrem Status "visible, moderated oder deleted" gefiltert und/oder sortiert werden.
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